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7028 Southeast 52nd Avenue
Portland, OR, 97206
United States


Starlight Knitting Society is the newest Portland yarn shop by former Lint owner, Melissa Nelson.  We are a cozy neighborhood shop stocked with yarns you'll love, friendly staff and great space to hang out.  Come by and have some tea with us as you knit by the fire.



What an incredible 30 days it has been! 109 amazing backers brought our Kickstarter to our goal and we have been successfully funded!  We can't say thank you enough to our incredible supporters for coming together in this unique way.  What a wonderful marriage of technology and community.  We are really looking forward to meeting each one of you. We hope you will find the shop to be the inspiring and fun gathering place you've been waiting for.  

Our backer party was a huge success!  We had wonderful music by Jacob Balcom and delicious ales from Old Growth Ales.  Thank you to everyone that attended, we felt the love for sure!

If you're wondering where your rewards are, never fear.  We had many of you pick up your rewards in the shop, but now we are beginning the process of shipping out our remaining awards.  Please be patient as we are doing all of this after shop hours.

We are ready to move forward into building our community. Stop by, say hello and find your name on our backer plaque.  We can't wait to see you!

-The Starlight Team


Pledge Levels and Rewards 

$5 or More:

Thank You! 
One limited edition, Starlight Knitting Society sticker, our heartfelt thank you and your name on our founders mural at the shop. (All rewards include these.)

$10 or More:

It Smells Good! 
One bar of all-natural Starcrossed Soap handmade by Melissa, in the scent of your choice. Made with locally sourced ingredients like lavendar, olive leaf, rosemary and mint, each bar is filled with delicious, natural ingredients and no Palm oil. These soaps will also be available in our store.

$15 or More:

Toast to You! 
One sweet pint glass emblazoned with the Starlight Knitting Society logo. We will be serving some fantastic local ales and ciders in our shop in these beauties!

$25 Early Bird & $30 or More:

Wear it Proud! 
One Limited Edition, Super Swanky, Starlight Knitting Society t-shirt. Choose one of our exclusive Kickstarter only designs. We'll be sending out a survey at the end of the kickstarter where you can choose your favorite design.  We're still tinkering, so let us know what you like best!

$40 or More:

Carry it With You! 
One perfectly proportioned Starlight Knitting Society tote bag. Perfect for your next project. These Canvas totes are very sturdy with an outside pocket. Screen printed by hand by Melissa herself.

$50 or More:

It Smells Really Good! 
Your choice of 5 all-natural Starcrossed Soaps hand made by Melissa. See the above description.  You will be able to choose from a variety of flavors.


A set of 4 pint glasses emblazoned with the Starlight Knitting Society logo. Share a pint with your friends!

$75 or More:

Cozy Up! 
One zip-up hoodie with the limited edition Starlight Knitting Society art on the back. I know sweaters are always better, but who wants to get their gorgeous handmade goods all smokey by the campfire?

$100 or More:

Join Us! 
One exclusive Starlight Knitting Society membership.  (click the link to find out more.)


Learn It! 
3 knit or crochet private lessons with one of our fabulous instructors here at the store. Beginners, intermediate and advanced crafters are all welcome. Just tell us what you'd like to learn! We'll work with you to create a series of lessons that work with your schedule.

$250 or More:

You're a Star! 
One unique hand made wooden star just like the one that will hang above our shop. Built by Mat, Melissa's husband and partner in craft. This could be your only chance to nab one of these beauties! We had the original of this hanging on our porch and got so many compliments.

$300 or More:

Baby Baby! 
One special baby shower you can host in our shop or in your home. Includes yarn, needles and an instructor that will come to your party, teach your guests to knit or crochet a blanket square, then put the blanket together for a super sweet gift for baby-to-be. Mom's to be will cherish this heartfelt gift.

$500 or More:

Party Time! Excellent! 
Starlight Knitting Society will host a party just for you in our gorgeous space. You'll have the place all to yourselves for 2 hours on the evening of your choice. Staff will be on hand to provide food and drinks and knitting help if desired. You can play your custom playlist and enjoy the best company.

$1000 or More:

Part of the Team! 
You'll be invited to be on the buying team as we meet with reps and experience all the offerings of the yarn world. This is an exclusive peek into the process involved in choosing the best product for the best customers. We'll let you know when our meetings are set and you can choose which one you'd like to sit in on.

$5000 or More:

Super Star! 
Design your own reward. Private lessons for a year? One of each of the rewards above? Just shoot us an email and let us know what you'd like, and if we can, we'll make it happen!